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SONGWRITING COMPETITION - SWC069 May 2023 - Winners announced

Thematic Songwriting Competition - recurrence: monthly

Re: SONGWRITING COMPETITION - SWC069 May 2023 - Voting until 01-JUN-2023 23:59 UTC+2/CEST


Post by ontrackp »

This is only the second or third time I've participated in this competition and I really enjoyed it this month. I chose to do a deep dive into U-he Bazille, which I used for all tracks except the Kick/Snare/Hi Hat from Bitwig. Going back to an older synth and digging in was a great experience. It's easy to get familiar with a device, even get reasonably competent but then the pace of technology, new software, life, etc.... has a way of standing in the way of really digging in. I've always wanted to get into some of the more interesting aspects of Bazille - the sequencer and different ways to use the mod maps and this was a great opportunity. It's an awesome instrument -- now a great "everyday" synth, but as a specialized sound-maker, it's great.
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Re: SONGWRITING COMPETITION - SWC069 May 2023 - Voting until 01-JUN-2023 23:59 UTC+2/CEST


Post by VCA-089 »

I'm sorry, my feedback is kinda rudimentary this time. I really enjoyed the tunes, but I had very little time this week (and I don't like to write after work).

I used this month to get into making music after a long break. I caught another covid early in March that made me half deaf in one ear for two months (caused inner ear inflammation). My entry is a bit rough and rushed. It could be better but I still like the result. It's better than nothing. And I also like the fact that I finally finished one of my old projects (the one of the many).

My feedback:
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Mister Fox
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SONGWRITING COMPETITION - SWC069 May 2023 - results in preparation


Post by Mister Fox »

It's the 02nd June 2023, 04:45 (UTC+2/CEST) - the Voting Period has officially ended.

Sadly, not all participants have submitted final feedback, we would therefore have 4 disqualifications.

I will send out another newsletter/message to those particular participants (@Johnny11771/j.kutkowski, @avinash, @SoundBeing, @canese), give you until the end of Friday, 02-JUN-2023 as per the rule book on the voting process ("overtime mechanic"). If there is a feedback and a vote by the participant in question, only -5 points will be deducted from the scoresheet. Else, sadly a disqualification.

Once I have this feedback as well, I will post the results within 2-3 days and take "late feedback" into consideration.
(this is not an automated process)

The only disqualification criteria is by "not participating" with feedback at the end of the game. Time constraints can happen -- but I do not consider entries to be "withdrawn" at this point. You unfortunately just didn't have the time.

Everyone else, please no more changes to your vote. Thank you.

Please have an eye on this thread :educate:

Re: SONGWRITING COMPETITION - SWC069 May 2023 - results in preparation


Post by SoundBeing »

Sorry I'm late to the game here gang. I just don't have time to do my proper 3 listens to give feedback that is more thoughtful. These are first review listens and I usually augment them as I take on more information from listening on different devices. Please excuse the direct and often rude way to which I make my first pass notes. Or don't! :exhausted:
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SONGWRITING COMPETITION - SWC069 May 2023 - results in preparation


Post by Mister Fox »

It's the 03rd May 2023, 03:25 (UTC+2/CEST) - the Voting Period extension has officially ended.

Unfortunately, not everyone has sent in feedback and cast a vote (still). We therefore have (at least) 3 disqualifications.

Please no more changes to your feedback from this point forward.
I will post the results within 2-3 days. (this is not an automated process)

Please have an eye on this thread :educate:
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Re: SONGWRITING COMPETITION - SWC069 May 2023 - results in preparation


Post by avinash »


Sorry for my late feedback. I was travelling and out of the country for the past week and could not find a time to send my feedback. Here they are:

becsei_gyorgy - Womb: Good electronic music with interesting sounds and melodies. Good mix as well.

Mellow Browne - Modular Art: Good track with Drive vibe. Good mix.

Arleen - Inside: Sound modern. Nice processing on the vocals. Melody is nice but track lacks variation.

JeroenZuiderwijk - Waves Are Moving Fast: Good track. Nice vocals. Mix could have been punchier.

VCA-089 - Ride On: Old-style techno. Good sounds and mix. Lacks some modernity.

KukoBass - Overlaps: Nice bassline and riff. Sounds old style. Good mix.

FixinTheMix - Noisemaker: Interesting melodic track but sounds quite dated. Good mix.

SoundBeing - Lickable Blotter Paper: "Electronic" guitar and simple bass which sounds nice but not too electro. Loud mix.

EsteveCobera - ElectroFun: Electro is fun. Sounds like the electro track of the 80s. Lack some variation.

ontrackp - Carnival: Starts a bit like old-style Depeche Mode then changes to something a bit less inspiring.

Johnny11771 - X: Sounds a lot like the Amiga demos of old and, therefore, old style.

Doc Jon - One United Nation: Interesting composition with good vocals and selection of sounds. The mix lacks punch.

Crosshatched - Swoon Waltz: Interesting music but, in my opinion, the sounds chosen could have been better. Quite loud.

canese - give me what I need: A bit repetitive but sounds goods. The mix could have been clearer and punchier.

(and these are sorted by order of preference -- I have not voted for myself obviously).

Thanks for organising this competition. It was a nice experience for me.

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Mister Fox
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SONGWRITING COMPETITION - SWC069 May 2023 - Winners announced


Post by Mister Fox »

Ladies and Gentlemen, here are the results of Songwriting Competition 69

:arrow: The winners podium consists of:
  1. @becsei_gyorgy (70 pts)
  2. @Doc Jon (66 pts)
  3. @FixInTheMix (60 pts)

Apologies for the waiting time, this is not an automated process.

<4 participant rule is not in use (staff comments and votes, my vote would count as bonus)
We have 3 disqualifications (due to lack of feedback / a final vote)
We have 0 withdrawn entries (but counts as submission within the deadline, yet couldn't be voted for)
We have several users still in the game that tied
  • The following tie happened due to the offsets with the bonus point mechanic
    • ontrackp acquired 20pts with the participation vote -- but lost out on -5pts because of not using the filename template, and the material exceeding the loudness limits, resulting in 27pts (else 32pts)
    • VCA-089 acquired 15pts with the participation vote -- but he scored all possible bonus points
  • no (more) users that tied
"Sole (License) Winner" rule does not apply - 3-position Winners Podium (>= 9 participants prior to the deadline)

Overview of Submissions (PDF - updated: 06-JUN-2023, full sheet)

 ! Bonus Info
Short info:
I am using Wavelab 10 for batch analysis, then I manually port the CSV export to a Microsoft Excel/Open Office Calc sheet with custom layout (this is not an automated process).

As pointed out in this post from SWC047 / July, Wavelab has different tolerances for dBTP max analysis compared to tools like iZotope RX, Youlean Loudness Meter, NUGEN Audio VisLM, etc. To find a common ground, I've implemented "allowed tolerances" (just like with the Mix Challenge). These are based upon allowed offsets mentioned in the white papers for EBU R128 and ITU-R BS.1770-4. Since no measurement tool is the same, to be on the save side, please export at -14,1 LUFS ILk max, and -1,1 dBTP max.

As usual, I did list/analyze alternative releases (MP3s and FLAC). If you've submitted your entry in multiple file formats, the statistic sheet will focus on the uncompressed material first (WAV), then FLAC, then MP3. The higher the quality, the less possible loss on bonus points for "Loudness Specs" due to offsets introduced by a used CODEC. In this case, FLAC and MP3 are merely for information purposes.

Here are the results as chart in image form:

Thank you so much for your participation. :clap:

 ⚠ Moderation Message from Mister Fox  
As of January 2023, I am now officially adapting the same voting mechanic as most other International Songwriting Competitions utilize. Nearly all of these games use(d) a 01 to 05 points system (top 5 entries) in some shape or form. The main difference to our game: these ones don't offer bonus points or penalty points, neither are they tiered (depending on the participant amount). I hope to get that properly sorted out in form of an extensive Rule Book update in the foreseeable future (serious apologies for the waiting time).

:arrow_right: An explanation on the bonus points and penalty points:
  • I've been very generous with @Johnny11771 regarding the song documentation. Compared to all other entries, it's been a bit scarce. Please provide more information in the future. For example what made you go for the instruments you decided to go for, what your general idea for the production was, what did you enjoy regarding sound design, etc.
  • a lot of users got -1pt withdrawn due to not paying attention to the slightly overhauled filename template. (has been in use since SWC068 / April 2023)
  • @SoundBeing sent in feedback within 24 hours after the deadline, which results in a -5pt deduction.
  • I unfortunately had to withdraw -1pt each for @avinash and @SoundBeing, since those entries were technically not downloadable. I mean, I did manage to get a copy -- but I have to be fair to everyone. Next time, please check that your entry is downloadable (and uses the right filename!).
  • I unfortunately also had to disqualify @Johnny11771, @canese and @avinash, since they did not participate in the final voting process. Although @avinash did add some additional feedback after the second deadline (thank you). Please don't put your entry at risk the next time you join.
Aside from "attention to detail" (mostly the filename and access to the finished material), I noticed that you all seem to have had plenty of fun. The songs are outstanding, and it made me happy to read that some of you really did dig deep into your equipment arsenal, dusted off old tools, and (temporarily) changed your usual workflow in the process.

It also genuinely makes me happy to see a rise in participation. We are currently at 12,40 participants on average (compared to last year's 8,66 participants on avg). I really hope we can exceed 20 entries this year, and then keep the momentum. :slight_smile:

Please keep it up, spread the word, interact. See you folks in the next game.

:arrow: License selection:

We will now perform with the usual. Selecting of licenses is handled in public. Please select one license/company out of the pool (in order of the winners podium) and mention it in this thread, then (important) please get in touch with me (via PM) with your full name, email address and your license selection.

As usual - you're not forced to pick up anything. You can pass and therefore offer more to select for the next person in line (if there is a spot existing / not available for "sole winner" mechanic). Just let all participants/winners/the staff know in a timely manner (within 5 days). Once one company has been selected, it's out of the pool for the next person on the podium.

I re-open the field for talking some more about each others' productions. If things drift a bit too off-topic, please use the General Gossip thread, or Discord.

See you in in the next challenge!

Songwriting Competition 070 (June 2023) is still in full swing.
There is currently no entry, but a whole lot of bonus information in the "Cheat Sheet" post. :educate:
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Re: SONGWRITING COMPETITION - SWC069 May 2023 - Winners announced


Post by EsteveCorbera »

Thanks for your comments, they're always very helpful and I'm learning that way.
Congratulations to the winners!!!
See you soon!!
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Re: SONGWRITING COMPETITION - SWC069 May 2023 - Winners announced


Post by becsei_gyorgy »

Congratulations to everyone and especially to @Doc Jon and @FixInTheMix.
Thanks to everyone for all the great songs. Well done.
Thanks also for all the votes and feedback and to @Mister Fox for his work in organising the competition.

I'd like to try out Musiclab's v6 RealLPC guitar, so that's the one I choose.
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Doc Jon
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Re: SONGWRITING COMPETITION - SWC069 May 2023 - Winners announced


Post by Doc Jon »

Well done everyone and thanks for the feedback and votes :hug:
Many thanks to @Mister Fox for all the hard work organising the competition

Big congratulations to @becsei_gyorgy for the win and also to @FixInTheMix for being on the winners podium, I am very happy with my 2nd place :smile:

I will choose IK Modo Bass 2 as my prize please

See you all in the next one!
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