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Mix Challenge branches out to Discord

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Mix Challenge branches out to Discord


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I am more than excited to announce, that the Mix Challenge audio community can now also be found on Discord.

Rest assured, the forum will remain the main backbone of our community and games, there will be no either/or. This expansion will however offer an additional layer of communication, and some different means to interlink with other audio communities (from which there are plenty).


:arrow: You can find the invite link and sign into the Discord server here:

https://discord.gg/6JqaqS7N6g (no vanity link available yet)

Discord has also been connected with/to Patreon. If you're a backer, please connect your account accordingly to get access to backer exclusive sub-sections. If you went through other means of support, please drop me a PM on Discord, and I'll adjust your user account.

The homepage has been updated accordingly..

A lot of work went into setting up this server, with some slight additional modifications to come in the foreseeable future.
Looking forward to your visit and feedback.

Thanks for reading. :educate:

:idea: INFO: This post has been started in the "Patron Vault" on 11-DEC-2021.
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