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Superbooth 2021 - Safety First Edition - 05th to 08th May 2021

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Superbooth 2021 - Safety First Edition - 05th to 08th May 2021


Post by Mister Fox »

Ladies and Gentlemen,

it is official - after the cancellation of the majority of audio events for 2020 (and turning them into online events), the Superbooth" got an official date for 2021. Well, as long as things get better on the topic "Global Pandemic" in the coming months that is.


The "Superbooth" is a Synthesizer Trade Show/Exhibition which is open for everyone that is only slightly interested in synthesizers. You have the chance to get hands-on with presented equipment, you can talk shop, you can join workshops, you can do DIY stuff and you are able to enjoy various concerts on the event grounds. It emerged in 2016 and has constantly evolved in it's consecutive years. So much so, that the new concept, which they currently call "Safety First Edition", results in them basically occupying the majority of the Wuhlheide in Berlin, not just the "FEZ (Freizeit und Erholungszentrum) alone anymore. That is at least triple the area they had access to previously.

Presentation video: Superbooth 2021 - Safety First Edition

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The "Superbooth" is held every spring, and is (as of this moment) a recurring visitor at the FEZ (Freizeit und Erholungszentrum), Berlin (Germany). Europe's biggest, non-profit children-, youth- and family center, located in the south east of Berlin in the district named Oberschöneweide (or more precisely, at the Wuhlheide). In 2021, they will also occupy outdoor areas like the nearby "Bungalowdorf", the "Finnhütten am Badesee" (a small standing dining area in front of the Badesee Wuhlheide), and also the majority of the backdoor playground area. There is no further information how this will all be disconnected from regular park and bath visitors. Let's just say this - get some comfortable shoes, and consider an extra day for visiting. With one caveat... (see below)

Date: Wednesday, 05th May 2021 until Saturday, 08th May 2020

More information, including an exhibitor list:

Tickets available - probably starting December 2020.
It is unknown as of this moment if there will be a definite visitor cap. But apparently you can only order 1-day tickets this time around, not ones for the whole event. I have already reached out through social media and hope to get an answer for you in the nearby future.

:arrow: I will be attending "Superbooth 2021" as visitor.

I am being perfectly honest with you... Considering our current world-wide situation - I honestly don't know. I would love to attend, but recent months made me very reserved and careful. And better be save than sorry. Should I have the energy, not to mention the confidence to attend, I will probably walk around the area, check out new synths, talk to companies, meet up with fellows and generally have a good time. But if I am "not feeling it", I will back away.

:arrow: Possible meetup?

In 2019, I offered a "meet and greet" on Friday afternoon (the 2nd event day at that time). I announced this on the Mix Challenge community forum, but sadly nobody dropped by. Probably because I announced this a bit too late (mere 1 week in advance). Since the event 2020 didn't happen, yet we now have the information for 2021, we can already start talking about this. More than half a year in advance. See how things resolve, how much interest there would be, etc. Considering our constantly changing world - nothing is set in stone.

There are no schedules for events available yet, so I can't, not to mention won't (see above - safety first) plan anything myself. But Friday still sounds like a good day for a possible meetup. And taking the way, way bigger area into account, having that big of a time buffer for conversations is actually good.

Let is take small steps.


You'll be attending Superbooth 2021 as well? Are you interested in a meet and greet?
Let's discuss further details down below. :phones:

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Re: Superbooth 2021 - Safety First Edition - 05th to 08th May 2021


Post by Jorgeelalto »

I'm really interested in this.

If I bought a plane ticket right now, I would get it for 58€, so it's clear that the risk of losing the money is low, I don't really care much about that.

But same as you, I have a problem with availability due to university or coronavirus... My country, community or city could close, they could cancel the flight, they could close the blabla, etc. Also I have to check whether I have to deliver something or do an exam in those dates, because I guess if we go to Superbooth on friday, that means I should get to Berlin on Thursday, and May is a critical month for uni in my case.

But, I'm still up for this. I will check my calendars these days and I will pull the trigger on the plane ticket as soon as I can. I cannot assure I will be able to go, but I hope I can :D

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