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Poll: Are you interested in a Mix Challenge podcast?

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Are you interested in a Mix Challenge Audio Community Postcast every 2-3 months?

Poll ended at Sat Apr 24, 2021 23:59 CEST

Yes - I'd love to listen to that
No - I am not interested
Undecided - I'd like to hear more about/discuss this first before I can make a decision
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Re: Poll: Are you interested in a Mix Challenge podcast?


Post by Clueless »

I know you’re talking about a podcast, wouldn’t a video cast be an idea as well.
Clarifying certain aspects of production, hints and tips on gain staging, effects usage & general setup for creating a mix, together with the other aforementioned ideas
You could ask people to contribute if they are willing & a number of entrants are very often the chosen few for additional rounds could explain their processes, with links to the forum for further written details
This idea seems solely for the mix challenge board, where as something uploaded to a more public & well known arena could generate an increase in participation for both mix and song challenges ?
I’m not against a podcast, however it is quite saturated & not always easy to find the gems in all the rubble
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Mister Fox
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Poll: Are you interested in a Mix Challenge podcast?


Post by Mister Fox »

First and foremost, thank all of you that participated in this Mini Poll. Although the participation rate was 4,75% with an average of 400 active users (on really good days) and 1,65% considering we have over 1150 forum members now.

Let me quickly respond to the recent comments, and where the road might take us.

I think the most important part to note here, is that I wanted to see if there is even an interest in a podcast (either audio or video form) in the first place. Glad to see that the majority of you are already excited of "what might come" in the future. I also have to point out however, that there might be a conflict of ideas, and a certain limitation of what I am actually being able to do.

I do appreciate your interest in possible tutorials as the Mix Challenge audio community is about education. But this is something I might not offer. Which brings us back to a previous made comment on "who is the ultimate educator?". So to be honest, I would really not go there. It would also mean a lot more concepting/recording/editing work for me. Maybe I will "go there" at some point with a personal video channel.

Interviews are a bit easier to pull off - but this needs time, coordination for recordings. Especially if it's with our own forum members.

:arrow: My current idea is to have a "show-case" of sorts.

Think of it like a radio show as extra branch for our community, which also answers the question of "does the podcast contain a couple of minutes of music?". I will probably draw inspiration from two radio shows I've been a follower (and sometimes even participant) of since the mid 2000s, namely "Nitro Game Injection" (part of the KNGI Network) and "VGFrequency" (not on the air anymore). Their focus was/is on show-casing video game soundtrack music and fan creations. But I can also draw inspiration from shows like "Sonic TALK" (Sonic State's livestream and "podcast"), "The WAN Show" (Linus Media Group's tech news commentary show) and the "DAWBench Radio Show" (by the DAWBench creator Vin Curigliano of AAVIM Technology). So nothing that hasn't been there before.

I don't have anything significant written down yet. Just a couple of corner stones of how things might look like:
  • Runtime: ideally no longer than 60 minutes
  • Recurrence: every 3 months (no more than 4 times per year max - once every meteorological season) for the time being
  • Structure: Intro/Outro, three blocks of music (three songs 3 songs), short talk sections in-between, maybe an interview ever so often (not longer than 15-20min, maybe broken up between music blocks), possible community news (changes, updates, etc)
  • release format: MP3 or AAC (audio only), MP4 (video, mostly still images with subtle animated backgrounds)
  • release platforms: definitely on mix-challenge.com (dedicated page), need to check other platforms (finances, licensing with participants, setup, etc)
  • Loudness: -16 LUFS ILk (ideally), -14 LUFS ILk (absolute max)
  • Language: English

:arrow: On the question of "promotion" (once things might kick off):

The "show" will definitely be announced on Twitter and Facebook. I might be able to post news on KVR Audio (which I actually already do), I can drop the information "now with radio show" on GearSpace in the info posts I do on a monthly basis (in their "Songwriter" section - not their news section). I could reach out again to various news outlets (and see if we're finally of interest). But other than that, I don't think I will ever be able to do any bigger promotion in form of advertising banners or similar. The finances just don't work out.

I definitely also have to update the Rules and Guidelines, that the top 3 entries will be featured in a radio show in the future, where the rights remain, and whether or not things might be monetized down the road (to further fund the Mix Challenge community, and the behind the scenes work). I still remember this being a huge debate on KVR Audio with the "One Synth Challenge" finding a way to Spotify.

There is a lot to do still before the first "episode" can arrive. I'm but one person steering this ship, as you all (probably) know. But I am positive that this could result in a bit more traction for the community overall - most notably the Songwriting Competition.

I will keep you updated. For the time being, I'll leave this thread open for possible further feedback and idea gathering.
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Re: Poll: Are you interested in a Mix Challenge podcast?


Post by lupobuonino »

Hi @Mister Fox, any news on this initiative?
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Mister Fox
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Poll: Are you interested in a Mix Challenge podcast?


Post by Mister Fox »

I am afraid not.
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