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Songwriting Competition - General Gossip Thread

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Songwriting Competition - General Gossip Thread


Post by Mister Fox »

Yes, there are more "signs" or "ranks".
Most of that, is to give an easier overview as to whom you're talking to on the community.

:arrow_right: For example:

I as admin / staff hold the "Staff" rank

Mix Challenge Song Providers/Clients get the "Song Provider" role for the course of the game in question.

Wild Card users (for the Mix Challenge) either have the ranks "Wild Card x1" or "Wild Card X2", as indication who already used that mechanic. Every user on the community has 2 wild cards.

Backers (Patreon, PayPal, other financial support, etc) get the "Backer" status, and sometimes early access to posts or new planned community features.

I technically set up ranks for more, but this is the important stuff.
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Re: Songwriting Competition - General Gossip Thread


Post by Arelem »

Is the -14LUFS target on the songwriting competition really necessary or even beneficial? Here is a good thread on the topic with some pretty good discourse in the comments: https://www.reddit.com/r/mixingmasterin ... t_14_lufs/

I don't know if I'm the only one who sometimes has an issue with the LUFS target, but I am a firm believer in 'if it sounds good, it sounds good'. I don't personally see much benefit in setting a somewhat arbitrary limit such as this. Also, the vast majority of popular music is mixed beyond -14. Some examples given of songs louder than the 'standard':
Daft Punk - Beyond: -11,7 LUFSi
Leave the Door Open - Bruno Mars: -11,1 LUFSi
Katatonia - The Winter of Our Passing: -11,2 LUFSi
Tool - Pneuma: -12,1 LUFSi
Tycho - Outer Sunset: -10,9 LUFSi

As you can see, that list includes various different genres so this isn't unique to a specific one. I wouldn't consider these tracks to be squashed or lacking in dynamics either.

With that being said, what is yall's take on it?
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