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MIX CHALLENGE - MC31 April 2017 - Winners announced

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Re: MIX CHALLENGE - MC31 April 2017 - Winners announced


Post by Mister Fox »

Both Mork and davemcisaac should have gotten a PM as confirmation regarding the license selection.

Next up is VasDim with the final selection, everything but Metric Halo and Acon Digital is still available,

EDIT: Newsletter 003 will be sent out tomorrow (Saturday, 06th May)

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Re: MIX CHALLENGE - MC31 April 2017 - Winners announced


Post by Mork »

davemcisaac wrote:
Thu May 04, 2017 23:38 CEST
There were a couple spots in the break:
1. Where the Bass Boom is, I automated a send from Riser to Echo Boy Jr (set on Ping-Pong/Transmitter, beat-synced 1/4 Note, with a bit of saturation).
2. Where the Kick & UK Bass come back in, I automated the "Mix" to 95% on PanCake2 inserted on the White Noise track, set @ 1/8 note Beat Synced.

For the ending, I automated a tape stop on the String Pad and I inserted & automated MPhaser, Acon Digital Verberate and PanCake2(beat-synced 1/4 note) on the Master to give it that fading out and falling apart feel.
Ahh, the Echo Boy! Must... resist... buy button... :exhausted:
To me the ending was exactly how you discribe it: A really cool falling apart feeling. You hit that spot on!
Thanks for sharing!

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