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Hit the Road Music - A Traveling Recording Studio

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Mister Fox
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Hit the Road Music - A Traveling Recording Studio


Post by Mister Fox »

The following has been brought up in the Mix Challenge 072 thread.
Thank you @White Punk OD and @cpsmusic, a great find.

I would like to give a shout out to Mix Challenge 070 song provider/client @Los_ady, who recently announced his collaboration with Warren Huart, CEO of the audio and tutorial community "Produce Like A Pro". He was recently interviewed/giving a spotlight by Huart himself.

Ady talks about how he started, what his project "Hit the Road Music Studio" is about, what he is currently up to, and what he can offer for the audio community. The video chat is about 40minutes long, and you can find it here:

phpBB [media]

There is an accompanying blog post to this video, which can be found here:
https://producelikeapro.com/blog/hit-th ... ing-studio

Once more a huge thank you to @Los_ady (Adrian “Ady” Parzentny) for offering us one of his productions for the Mix Challenge.

Please check out Ady's Youtube Channel here:
Hit The Road Music Studio - Youtube Channel

And something tells me, we might not have seen the last of him on our small community... :thinking:
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Re: Hit the Road Music - A Traveling Recording Studio


Post by White Punk OD »

To me, Ady is bringing back the organic/authentic aspect of music production,
and he is helping some sectors of what we in the West call "World Music".

We cannot go political here, and Ady would reject that, but I think what we can say,
his work is telling stories about the people in Northern Africa, it portraits them in ways,
that are not widely known, because media have focus on very different things from that.

On another note, I would love to see Helen Ibe (guitar, singing, writing, one of her role models is Jimi Hendrix) in bigger productions,
but Nigeria is probably a bit difficult of a scene with its complexities, and big structures have been established since long.
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Re: Hit the Road Music - A Traveling Recording Studio


Post by Los_ady »

Wow thank you so much for sharing guys, means a lot to me :) !!!!

I do this project with my full heart and live with the people here @White Punk OD I prepared a full series about world music that comes out hopefully soon :)

@Mister Fox I never forget this wonderful community and if anyone have any questions, ask me, I'm here to help and help to build a positive community :)

Currently it's hard to travel to Nigeria but I take your request into consideration :)
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